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The representation or expression of an idea,
quality, or feeling in visible form
"she seemed to be a living embodiment of her mission"

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Once a business is born, so is the Leader. 


The woman existed prior to the birth of her business, but the leader emerges alongside the business. 


As the business grows, there’s a critical evolution that often goes unnoticed. 


The Leader. 


It’s the evolution of the Leader that is necessary for the growth of the business. 


At inception and birth, these elements emerge simultaneously. 


But, in order for a business to grow and expand fully, a critical shift needs to take place. 

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The Leader must lead the business.

The business must never lead the Leader.

The Leader must learn to lead herself. 

She must never be led by external factors alone. 

Leadership is birthed when we step into the paradigm of self-trust and unlock the inner wisdom that whispers our calling.

A Leader is born in the raw, and her luxury is created in the rough. 

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a 2-week live coaching experience designed to help you
attract clients + scale your business, with ease.

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The Embodied Entrepreneur is able to…

Own + heal her triggers

Allow her desires to determine the strategic direction of her business

Have complete trust in herself & her ability to achieve her goals

Lead herself, her team, and her loved ones confidently

Build a business that is in complete alignment with her heart and her vision

Learning to truly understand yourself is the way forward.

The Embodied Entrepreneur was built to meet you here

and guide you toward effortless and aligned attraction.

The program is delivered as 7 live modules.

This is interactive and highly-curated to be an experience that will not be forgotten. 

The connection we create will be palpable.

All sessions will be recorded and replays will be immediately available.

You have lifetime access to program materials.

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As a clinically-trained leadership coach, my work is a special fusion of both traditional psychotherapy as well as traditional life coaching.

I was called to create this experience for us. 

This merges everything I know about emotional intelligence, psychotherapy, intuition, leadership & effortless attraction, and I’m handing you the blueprint. 

I invite you to join me.


Xoxo Dr. Shyamala