The ultimate 12-month accelerator where Human Design meets Emotional Intelligence to help you to become an energetic match for the business & life they desire.

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  • Feeling an unwavering level confidence in your decisions
  • Conveying crystal clear communication of your needs and desires
  • Showing up powerfully in all of your relationships
  • Understanding how you operate at the most fundamental level 


Inside the Power Portal, we believe in your infinite potential, and we’re here to amplify your most authentic and magnetic energy.

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 

- Maya Angelou -

The essence of our work


Stay in your personal power

and master your emotions,

regardless of external circumstances.



Communicate with unwavering confidence,

hold your space, influence with your presence,

regardless of the conversation or the context.



Lead your life, your business

and your relationships with

magnetic, effortless, confidence.


What’s Contained Inside The Portal?

  • 12 live monthly skills clinics where we share the framework + coaching to help you master your emotions and communicate with confidence
  • A highly interactive workbook + on-demand videos complete with everything you need to integrate and embody the teachings you’re about to take in
  • 6x Live Coaching Calls that will help you understand your own Human Design, which is your energetic roadmap to aligned & effortless growth


The Power Portal is loaded with step-by-step support and an intuitive blueprint to follow along with. 

$222 monthly or $2222 annually 

these women are showing up powerfully

Dr. Tara, Entrepreneur + Coach

Working with Shyamala was one of the best decisions I've made for my personal and professional growth. In the past, I have taken a lot of personal development courses.

What makes Shyamala's work different is her expertise in mindset, communication, and high performance.

In working with Shyamala, I gained a new sense of confidence, clarity and empowerment towards my goals.

Dr. Christina, FOUNDER [Turning Stress Into Strength Program]

Shyamala's courses are loaded with valuable and well-organized content. I loved the community, the delivery of the information and the powerful coaching sessions.

I was so impressed by Shyamala's ability to lead by example and really appreciated her willingness and ability to share some of her personal struggles and triumphs that she has navigated her own relationships.

Dr. Alison, Entrepreneur + Naturopathic Doctor

Shyamala is truly a leader when it comes to mindset and communication. I noticed several mindset shifts even after the first coaching call.

I’ve not only levelled up in my professional life but also my personal life.  Shyamala over delivers, providing so much value and I know it’s something that will continue to provide value.

Working with Shyamala has been worth the investment plus more.




I am an ex-Therapist turned Leadership Mentor, obsessed with the connection between our emotional intelligence and our capacity for success, both personally and professionally.


I work with female entrepreneurs and professionals who want to show up more powerfully in their lives and in their business.


I passionately create programs that align with my purpose – to equip women with the skills that amplify their power, potency and magnetism, so they can change the world.


I’m here to offer innovative thinking, practical training and unwavering support to those who are on a mission to show up fully to their lives and serve others while doing it.


See you inside The Power Portal